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Bayou Independent Wrestling
Southern Heavyweight Title

Ikiaka 2007/09/23 W. Monroe, LA
Defeats Davey Richards in 8-man tournament final to become the first champion; vacant in 08/02 due to injury.
Don Juan 2008/02/17 W. Monroe, LA
Wins a 6-way match against J.T. Lamotta, Joey Corman, Andy Dalton, David Young, and Steve Anthony; stripped in 09/01.
John Saxon2009/01/17Coushatta, LA
Defeats Spoiler 2000.
Steve Anthony 2009/01/25 W. Monroe, LA
Still champion as of 09/08/22; still/again champion as of 13/08/21.
Vordell Walker2014/05/24W. Monroe, LA
Still champion as of 16/03/05.