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Ohio Valley Wrestling
Women's Title
(as of 2016/07/02)

ODB (One Dirty Bitch) 2006/08
Appointed herself as the first champion.
Serena2006/09/13Louisville, KY
Defeats ODB, Beth Phoenix, and Katie Lea in a 4-way match.
Beth Phoenix2006/10/04Louisville, KY
Victoria Crawford # 2006/10/20 Hodgenville, KY
Not recognized by OVW.
Beth Phoenix # 2006/10/21 Elizabethtown, KY
Wins 8-Woman elimination match against Crawford, Serena, Ariel, ODB, Katie Lee, Melody, and Roni Jonah; not recognized by OVW.
Katie Lea2006/11/01Louisville, KY
Defeats Serena in the final of a gauntlet match that also include Phoenix, Roni Jonah, Melody, Ariel, Jenny Mae, and ODB; Beth Phoenix starts claiming a title with her own belt on 06/12/06; Lea defeats Phoenix on 06/12/13 in Lousville, KY to end the dispute.
ODB [2]2007/06/01Louisville, KY
Melina Rocha2007/09/19Louisville, KY
Defeats ODB, Serena, Melody, Josie, and Katie Lea.
Katie Lea [2]2008/02/20Louisville, KY
Josie2008/02/27Louisville, KY
Serena [2]2008/05/23Louisville, KY
Josie [2] 2008/07/02 Louisville, KY
Serena [3] 2008/07/02 Louisville, KY
Reggie 2008/07/16 Louisville, KY
Serena [4] 2008/07/16 Louisville, KY
The Baroness 2008/07/24 Louisville, KY
Serena [5] 2008/07/24 Louisville, KY
Josie [3] 2008/07/31 Louisville, KY
Serena [6] 2008/08/07 Louisville, KY
Melody 2008/11/12 Louisville, KY
Defeats Serena, Reggie, and Josie in 4-way match.
Epiphany 2009/08/12 Louisville, KY
Hannah Blossom / Holly Blossom 2009/10/07 Louisville, KY
Holly makes the roll up after switching with her twin sister Hannah without the referee looking; has not determined which is recognized as the champion.
Josie [4] 2009/11/28 Louisville, KY
Defeats Hannah.
C.J. Lane 2010/03/24 Louisville, KY
Taryn 2010/06/26 Louisville, KY
Holly Blossom [2] 2010/07/31 Louisville, KY
Lady JoJo (Josie) [5] 2010/08/28 Louisville, KY
Izza Belle Smothers 2011/08/06 Louisville, KY
Lady JoJo [6] 2011/08/24 Louisville, KY
Tealer Hendrix 2011/11/12 Louisville, KY
Epiphany [2] 2012/06/02 Louisville, KY
All OVW titles are declared vacant on 12/06/27.
Tealer Hendrix [2] 2012/07/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats Epiphany.
Heidi Lovelace 2012/09/15 Elizabethtown, KY
Taryn Terrell 2012/11/13 Louisville, KY
Tealer Hendrix [3] 2012/12/02 Louisville, KY
Jessie Belle 2013/01/05 Louisville, KY
Epiphany [3] 2013/03/02 Louisville, KY
Trina 2013/04/17 Louisville, KY
Vacates in 13/09 due to injury.
Hannah Blossom 2013/09/18 Louisville, KY
Defeats Holly Blossom, Lei'D Tapa, and Taeler Hendrix in 4-way match.
Lei'D Tapa 2013/10/05 Louisville, KY
The Bodyguy 2013/12/07 Louisville, KY
A male wrestler.
Lei'D Tapa [2] 2014/01/04 Louisville, KY
Jessie Belle [2] 2014/03/01 Louisville, KY
Lei'D Tapa [3] 2014/04/06 Louisville, KY
Vacant on 14/11/01.
Jessie Belle [3] 2015/11/21 Louisville, KY
Wins a 10-woman battle royal.
Maria James 2016/02/06 Louisville, KY
Jessie Belle [4] 2016/03/13 Louisville, KY
Scarlet 2016/05/14 Louisville, KY
Jessie Belle [5] 2016/07/02 Louisville, KY
Defeats Scarlet, Deonna Purrazzo, and Maria James in 4-way match.