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Ohio Valley Wrestling
Television Title
(as of 2014/09/06)

Brent Albright2005/01/26Louisville, KY
Defeats Seth Skyfire to become the first champion; vacates winning the OVW Heavyweight Title on 05/05/18.
Deuce Shade2005/06/08Louisville, KY
Defeats Ken Doane in a tournament final.
Ken Doane2005/06/22Louisville, KY
C.M. Punk2005/11/09Louisville, KY
Aaron Stevens2006/01/04Louisville, KY
Subs for Ken Doane, who is injured during a 3-way match against Punk and Brent Albright, and wins the match.
Seth Skyfire2006/03/08Louisville, KY
Charles Evans2006/08/23Louisville, KY
Devon Driscoll2006/10/11Louisville, KY
Charles Evans [2]2006/11/01Louisville, KY
El Aero Fuego (Seth Skyfire) [2] 2006/11/15Louisville, KY
Eddie Kraven2007/01/03Louisville, KY
Boris Alexiev2007/01/24Louisville, KY
Defeats Mike Kruel, who has begun defending the title for stablemate Eddie Kraven.
Mike Kruel2007/02/07Louisville, KY
Boris Alexiev [2]2007/03/14Louisville, KY
Shawn Spears2007/03/17Cincinnati, OH
Cody Runnels2007/07/06Louisville, KY
Sean Spears [2] 2007/07/13Louisville, KY
Ted McNaler 2007/09/19Louisville, KY
Shawn Spears [3] 2007/10/24Louisville, KY
Colt Cabana2007/10/31Louisville, KY
James Curtis (K.C. James) 2007/11/14Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia2008/02/20Louisville, KY
Joey Matthews2008/03/12Louisville, KY
Tommy McNaler2008/04/16Louisville, KY
J.D. Michaels2008/06/04Louisville, KY
Rudy Switchblade 2008/08/27 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia # 2008/10/15 Louisville, KY
Switchblade forfeits the title to Olivencia for being unable to defend due to injury.
Igotta Brewski 2008/10/15 Louisville, KY
Defeats Olivencia
Outlaw 2008/11/26 Louisville, KY
Johnny Punch 2009/01/17 Louisville, KY
Mike Mondo 2009/02/04 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia [2] 2009/05/06 Charlestown, IN
El Rojo Uno 2009/05/13 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia [3] 2009/06/10 Louisville, KY
Brent Wellington 2009/07/22 Louisville, KY
Moose 2009/09/09 Louisville, KY
Declared vacant on 09/09/16.
Kamikaze Kid 2009/11/25 Louisville, KY
Defeats Shiloh in tournament final.
Asher Knight 2010/01/27 Louisville, KY
Kamikaze Kid [2] 2010/02/03 Louisville, KY
Shiloh # 2010/02/17 Louisville, KY
Kamikaze Kid # 2010/02/24 Louisville, KY
Awarded back due to the referee being not licensed in Kentucky.
Jamin Olivencia [4] 2010/05/07 Louisville, KY
Muhammad Ali Vaez 2010/06/04 Louisville, KY
Metal Master (Chad Collyer) 2010/09/15 Louisville, KY
Muhammad Ali Vaez [2] 2010/11/03 Louisville, KY
Alex Silva 2010/12/11 Louisville, KY
Muhammad Ali Vaez [3] 2011/01/26 Louisville, KY
Rudy Switchblade [2] 2011/02/23 Louisville, KY
Muhammad Ali Vaez [4] 2011/04/02 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia [5] 2011/05/14 Louisville, KY
Rudy Switchblade [3] 2011/05/25 Louisville, KY
Paredyse (Kamikaze Kid) [3] 2011/07/20 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver 2011/09/14 Louisville, KY
Jason Wayne 2011/09/21 Louisville, KY
Rocco Bellagio 2011/10/05 Louisville, KY
Alex Silva [2] 2011/11/09 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver [2] 2011/11/16 Louisville, KY
Ted McNaler [2] 2011/12/07 Louisville, KY
Christopher Silvio 2011/12/21 Louisville, KY
Muhammad Ali Vaez [5] 2012/04/18 Louisville, KY
Rob Terry 2012/04/21 Rio de Janeiro, BRA *
Defeats Vaez in a phantom title match in order to avoid the rematch between Vaez and Silvio.
Muhammad Ali Vaez [6] 2012/04/25 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia 2012/06/02 Louisville, KY
Held up after a match against Muhammad Ali Vaez on 12/06/13.
Muhammad Ali Vaez [7] 2012/07/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats Flash Flanagan.
Tony Gunn 2012/07/25 Louisville, KY
Wins by forfeit after Rob Terry attackes Vaez.
Ryan Howe 2012/08/08 Louisville, KY
Alex Silva [3] 2012/09/12 Louisville, KY
Cliff Compton 2012/10/17 Louisville, KY
Stripped on 12/11/04 due to injury.
Joe Coleman 2012/11/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats James Thomas.
Jamin Olivencia 2012/12/02 Louisville, KY
Cliff Compton [2] 2013/01/05 Louisville, KY
Rockstar Spud 2013/03/13 Louisville, KY
Randy Royal 2013/05/11 Louisville, KY
Dylan Bostic 2013/07/04 Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan 2013/08/03 Louisville, KY
Defeats Bostic, Randy Royal, & Rudy Switchblade in a 4-way match.
Elijah Burke 2013/09/11 Louisville, KY
Shiloh Jonze 2013/10/05 Louisville, KY
Paredyse 2013/11/20 Louisville, KY
Melvin Maximus 2014/01/04 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver 2014/05/14 Louisville, KY
Melvin Maximus [2] 2014/05/21 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver [2] 2014/06/11 Louisville, KY
Michael Hayes 2014/08/02 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver [3] 2014/08/20 Louisville, KY
Michael Hayes [2] 2014/09/06 Louisville, KY

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