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Ohio Valley Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2018/03/03)

Trailer Park Trash 1997/08/17  
Vacant in 97.
Bill Dundee 1997/11/16  
Wins battle royal.
Rip Rogers 1997/11/23  
Nick Dinsmore1998/06/03Jeffersonville, IN
David C.1998/06/10Jeffersonville, IN
Wins by forfeit.
Doug Basham1998/07/05Jeffersonville, IN
Rip Rogers [2]1998/09/13Jeffersonville, IN
Doug Basham [2]1998/12/29Louisville, KY
Rip Rogers [3]1999/01/03Louisville, KY
Rod Steele1999/02/02Louisville, KY
Nick Dinsmore defeats Rogers on 99/02/07 in Jeffersonville, IN but gives the belt back after learning about interference.
Nick Dinsmore [2]1999/04/18Jeffersonville, IN
Rob Conway1999/04/28Jeffersonville, IN
Nick Dinsmore [3]1999/05/07New Albany, IN
Damaja1999/06/08Louisville, KY
Rob Conway [2]1999/08/17Louisville, KY
Rico Constantino1999/11/10Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan1999/12/26Louisville, KY
Rico Constantino [2]2000/02/16Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan [2]2000/02/17Jeffersonville, IN
Damaja [2]2000/04/04Louisville, KY
Nick Dinsmore [4]2000/05/24Jeffersonville, IN
Flash Flanagan [3]2000/07/08Jeffersonville, IN
Nick Dinsmore [5]2000/08/04Louisville, KY
Rob Conway [3]2000/09/06Jeffersonville, IN
Nick Dinsmore [6]2000/10/25Jeffersonville, IN
Rico Constantino [3]2001/02/27Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan [4]2001/04/04Louisville, KY
Doug Basham2001/07/25Jeffersonville, IN
Leviathan (Dave Batista)2001/11/28Jeffersonville, IN
The Prototype2002/02/20Jeffersonville, IN
Nova2002/05/15Jeffersonville, IN
Damaja [3]2002/11/06Louisville, KY
Nick Dinsmore [7]2003/02/19Louisville, KY
Doug Basham [4]2003/04/09Louisville, KY
Damaja [4]2003/07/30Louisville, KY
Rob Conway [4]2003/08/13Louisville, KY
Johnny Jeter2003/08/13Louisville, KY
Mark Magnus2003/10/15Louisville, KY
Vacant in 03 after a conversial match against Nick Dinsmore and Johnny Jeter in a 3-way match.
Nick Dinsmore [8]2004/01/07Louisville, KY
Defeats Johnny Jeter.
Matt Morgan2004/04/14Louisville, KY
Chris Cage2004/10/13Louisville, KY
Chad Toland2004/12/01Louisville, KY
Elijah Burke2004/12/08Louisville, KY
Matt Morgan [2]2005/04/13Louisville, KY
Brent Albright2005/04/27Louisville, KY
Johnny Jeter [2]2005/08/03Louisville, KY
Matt Cappotelli2005/11/09Louisville, KY
Vacates on 06/02/08 when Cappotelli announces that he has a brain cancer.
Brent Albright [2]2006/03/01Louisville, KY
Defeats C.M. Punk in tournament final.
C.M. Punk2006/05/03Louisville, KY
Chet Jablonski2006/08/30Louisville, KY
Jacob Duncan2006/10/25Louisville, KY
Chet Jablonski [2]2006/12/13Louisville, KY
Paul Burchall2006/12/13Louisville, KY
Cody Runnels2007/02/17Elizabethtown, KY
Paul Burchall [2]2007/02/18Louisville, KY
Aaron Stevens2007/03/14Louisville, KY
Paul Burchall [3]2007/05/09Louisville, KY
Held up after a match against Idol Stevens ends in a double pin on 07/05/23 in Louisville, KY.
Jay Bradley2007/06/01Louisville, KY
Defeats Burchall and Stevens in a 3-way match.
Paul Burchall [4]2007/06/27Louisville, KY
Vladimir Kozlov2007/07/28Elizabethtown, KY
Michael W. Kruel2007/07/28Elizabethtown, KY
Kozlov gives the title to Kruel.
Matt Sydal2007/12/05Louisville, KY
Jay Bradley [2]2008/02/13Louisville, KY
Nick Dinsmore [9]2008/02/20Louisville, KY
Anthony Bravado 2008/06/25 Louisville, KY
Ryback 2008/10/15 Louisville, KY
Anthony Bravado [2] 2008/10/29 Louisville, KY
Aaron Stevens 2008/11/26 Louisville, KY
Vaughn Lilas 2009/01/17 Louisville, KY
APOC 2009/02/04 Louisville, KY
Vaughn Lilas [2] 2009/04/22 Louisville, KY
APOC [2] 2009/05/13 Louisville, KY
Low Rider 2009/07/15 Louisville, KY
James Thomas 2010/01/06 Louisville, KY
Stripped in 10/02 for attacking officials
Beef Wellington 2010/02/28 Louisville, KY
Wins a 20-man battle royal.
Mike Mondo 2010/05/29 Louisville, KY
James Thomas [2] 2010/06/16 Louisville, KY
Low Rider [2] 2010/07/31 Louisville, KY
Cliff Compton 2011/01/08 Louisville, KY
Mike Mondo [2] 2011/03/05 Louisville, KY
Declared vacant on 11/05/04 after Mondo attacks OVW president Danny Davis.
Cliff Compton [2] 2011/05/14 Louisville, KY
Defeats Mike Mondo.
Elvis Pridemoore 2011/05/25 Louisville, KY
Vacates on 11/06/01 after finding out that he has won the title due to intereference from Mike Mondo.
Jason Wayne 2011/07/02 Louisville, KY
Defeats Mike Mondo in tournament final.
Nick Dinsmore [10] 2011/10/26 Louisville, KY
Rudy Switchblade 2011/11/02 Louisville, KY
Defeats Dinsmore, Jason Wayne, Adam Revolver, Ted McNaler, James Thomas, Rocco Bellagio, and Mike Mondo in an 8-man Melee.
Johnny Spade 2012/03/03 Louisville, KY
Rob Terry 2012/05/12 Louisville, KY
All OVW titles are declared vacant on 12/06/27.
Johnny Spade [2] 2012/07/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats Rob Terry.
Crimson 2012/09/12 Louisville, KY
Rob Terry [2] 2012/12/02 Louisville, KY
Doug Williams 2013/01/30 Louisville, KY
Jamin Olivencia 2013/03/02 Louisville, KY
Stripped in 13/11.
Jamin Olivencia [2] 2013/12/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats Johnny Spade.
Marcus Anthony 2014/01/04 Louisville, KY
Melvin Maximus 2014/08/02 Louisville, KY
Cliff Compton 2014/10/04 Louisville, KY
Defeats Maximus and Marcus Anthony in 3-way match.
Adam Revolver 2014/12/06 Louisville, KY
Mohamad Ali Vaez 2015/02/07 Louisville, KY
Defeats Revolver and Michael Hayes in 3-way match.
Eddie Diamond 2015/04/29 Louisville, KY
Chris Silvio 2015/07/24 Louisville, KY
Ryan Howe 2015/12/05 Louisville, KY
Rob Conway [5] 2015/12/16 Louisville, KY
Ryan Howe [2] 2016/01/02 Louisville, KY
Devin Driscoll 2016/03/19 Elizabethtown, KY
Declared vacant on 16/04/16.
Big Jon 2016/04/16 Elizabethtown, KY
Defeats Rocco Bellagio.
Rocco Bellagio 2015/05/14 Louisville, KY
Big Jon [2] 2017/04/01 Louisville, KY
Adam Revolver [2] 2017/07/01 Louisville, KY
Tyler Matrix 2017/09/02 Louisville, KY
Michael Hayes 2017/11/04 Louisville, KY
Randy Royal 2018/02/14 Louisville, KY
Michael Hayes [2] 2018/03/03 Louisville, KY