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NWA Bluegrass Tag Team Title

Roger Anderson & Chris Draven2002/06/22Pikeville, KY
Defeat The Rebel & Mark Masters in a tournament final to become the first champions.
Redneck Express2003/04/19Saylersville, KY
Defeat Draven & Michael Lovely, subbing for Anderson.
Vinnie Viagra & Billy Maverick2003/11/22Saylersville, KY
Redneck Express [2]2003/12/13Paintsville, KY
Vinnie Viagra & Billy Maverick [2]2004/06/19Saylersville, KY
Chris Draven & Jake Layton 2004/09/11 Belfry, KY
Brock Landers & Stevie Phillips 2005/03/12
Defeat Chris Draven & Jake Layton; vacant in 05.
Midnight Express: Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey 2005/09/30 Paintsville, KY
Defeat Ricky Morton & Brad Thomas.
Hillybilly Deluxe: Big Henry & Bobby Paul 2007/10/20 Saylersville, KY
Defeat Southern Justice: Chris Draven & Jude Justice in a tournament final.
Southern Justice: Chris Draven & Jude Justice 2007/11/24
Defeat Big Henry in a handicap match.
Hillybilly Deluxe [2] 2008/07<
Southern Justice [2] 2008/07/04
Sons of Chaos 2011/06<
Vacant as of 12/06/22.

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