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NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Title

Jake Layton2002/06/22Pikeville, KY
Defeats Brian Logan in a tournament final to become the first champion.
Chance Prophet2003/04/19Saylersville, KY
Defeats Layton, Billy Maverick, & Shane Matthews in a 4-way lumberjack elimination match.
Sinn2003/12/13Paintsville, KY
Chance Prophet [2]2004/10/08Paintsville, KY
Defeated Eric Darkstorm and Chad Collyer in a tournament final.
Vinnie Viagra2005/08/12Inez, KY
Kris King2006/08/21Inez, KY
Shane Matthews 2009/10/11 Lenore, WV
Vacant in 11/06.
Al Snow 2011/07 Saylersville, KY
Still champion as of 2012/07.

* See also NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Title (NWA New South).