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Last updated on 2017/05/06

World Junior Middleweight Title

Ernie Maddox 1925/10< New York, NY *
Billed as having "recently" won the title from Martin Nelson (The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, 25/10/30).
Jack Reynolds 1925/10/30 Louisville, KY
Also holds World Welterweight Title.

Blacksmith Pedigo 1932/02 Cleveland, OH *
Billed as champion for defeating Tony Narrot in Cleveland, OH "last week" (The Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY, 32/02/11); vacant after Pedigo suffers spine injury during a match against George Gable on 33/03/23 in Louisville, KY.
Billy Thom 1934/01/10<  
Claims the title probably after defeating Joe Parelli; also recognized by the National Wrestling Association after defeating Wildcat McCann on 34/04/26 in Columbus, OH.
Everett Rattan 1934/06/14 Cleveland, OH
Also recognized in Texas; Thom continues to claim the title with the NWA recognition.
George Gable 1934/07/23 Lexingon, KY
Billy Thom [2] 1935/07/04 Lexingon, KY
Still champion as of 40/07/02.