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Independent Wrestling Association
Mid-South Women's Title

Ariel2005/01/15Framingham, MA
Defeats NWA Midwest champion Mercedes Martinez and Hayley Skye in a 3-way match on NECW card to become NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's champion; defense sanctioned by NWA Midwest due to cancellation in IWA Mid-South.
Daizee Haze2005/02/12 Highland, IN
Defeats MsChif in a 6-way elimination match; eliminates Ariel earlier in the match.
MsChif2005/05/07Streamwood, IL
Mickie Knuckles2005/06/11 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats MsChif and Allison Danger in a 3-way match; on 05/06/17 in Midlothian, IL, NWA Midwest promoter Ed Chuman declares that IWA event in Philadelphia is unsanctioned and the title change is invalid; Chuman then states that he would give Knuckles a chance to keep the title if she wins her match against Rain later that evening; Rain defeats Knucles via DQ when Jim Fannin interfers; after the match, Chuman awards the NWA title to the previous champion MsChief; IWA promoter Ian Rotten, however, comes to ringside and tells Chuman that he recognizes title change in Philadelphia and Knuckles as the IWA champion.
Chuck Taylor2007/07/18 Joliet, IL
A male wrestler and reigning heavyweight champion defeats Knuckles in a double title match.
Mickie Knuckles [2]2007/08/04Plainfield, IN
Daizee Haze [2]2008/05/02 Joliet, IL
Title retired in 08/12.