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Independent Wrestling Association
Mid-South Tag Team Title

The War Machines1997/07/18Louisville, KY
Defeat Bull Pain & Terek the Great in a tournament final to become the first champions.
The Misfits1997/09/04Louisville, KY
Title retired.
Rollin' Hard & Mean Mitch Page2002/02/01Charlestown, IN
Defeat Todd Morton & Mitch Ryder in tournament final when the title is reinstated.
Bad Breed: Axl Rotten & Ian Rotten2002/03/02Morris, IL
Defeat Mitch Page & Rollin' Hard and Corporal Robinson & Cash Flo in a 3-way match.
Rollin' Hard & Mitch Page [2]2002/04/05Indianapolis, IN
Defeat Ian Rotten & Necro Butcher.
Ian Rotten & Cash Flo2002/05/03Indianapolis, IN
Flo turns on Ian after they win the titles.
Ian Rotten & Tarek the Great2002/05/10Clarksville, IN
Rotten defeats Cash Flo in a singles match to capture the control of the belts and chooses Tarek as partner
Rollin' Hard & Mitch Page [3]2002/05/18Clarksville, IN
Mark Wolf & Harry Palmer2002/08/03Clarksville, IN
Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick2004/05/29Highland, IN
Defeat C.M. Punk & Colt Cabana in tournament final.
Brad Bradley & Ryan Boz2004/05/30Hammond, IN
The Wildcards: Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano 2004/09/18Highland, IN
Defeat Bradley & Boz and Tank & Iceberg.
Brad Bradley, Ryan Boz, & Trik Davis2005/01/15Highland, IN
Defeat Kingston and Steve Stone, subbing for an injured Marciano; Davis substitiutes himself in the match and assists Boz in the pin when Bradley is taken out during the match due to injury.
Iron Saints: Vito Thomaselli & Sal Thomaselli 2005/06/11Philadelphia, PA
Win a 6-team elimination match.
Bad Breed [2]2005/07/09Hammond, IN
Vacant when Ian suffers a concussion.
Iron Saints [2]2005/09/10Plymouth, IN
Defeat Matt Sydal & Delirious in a tournament final.
Ian Rotten & Mad Man Pondo2006/03/18Midlothian, IN
Vulgar Display of Power: Deranged & Brain Damage 2006/08/12Midlothian, IN
Defeat Rotten & Drake Younger, subbing for Mad Man Pondo.
Iron Saints [3] 2007/05/26 Midlothian, IN
Defeat Up in Smoke: Cheech & Cloudy in tournament final.
The BLKOUT: Joker & Ricky Reyes 2008/03/01 Joliet, IL
Josh Abercrombie, Mickie Knuckles, & Devon Moore 2008/04/12 Joliet, IL
Defeat The BLKOUT: Joker, Sabian, & Too Cold Scorpio.
Up in Smoke: Cheech & Cloudy 2008/05/03 Joliet, IL
Defeat Knuckles & Moore; title retired in 08/12.