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Independent Wrestling Association
Mid-South Death Match Title

Drake Younger2007/02/09Plainfield, IN
Last eliminates Mickie Knuckles in a hardcore rumble match to become the first champion.
Dysfunction2007/06/23Plainfield, IN
Corporal Robinson2007/06/23Plainfield, IN
Changes on 07/06/23 take place during the 2007 King of the Death Match Tournament.
Tank2007/07/18Joliet, IL
Necro Butcher2007/09/16Sellersburg, IN
Defeats Tank and Deranged.
Danny Havoc 2008/03/01 Joliet, IL
Corporal Robinson [2] 2008/05/03 Indianapolis, IN
Stripped in 08/06 for not defending the title during the IWA Death Match Tournament.
Devon Moore 2008/06/21 Sellersburg, IN
Defeats Danny Havoc in the 2008 IWA Death Match Tournament final; title retired in 08/12.