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Metro Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Heroes For Hire: Zach Thompson & Jimmy Rockwell 2011/04/09 Kansas City, KS
Defeat Beer City Bruisers: Matt Winchester & Nick Colluci for tne NWA Midwest Title; renamed Metro Pro Title in 11/11 after some of the NWA Midwest affiliates leave the NWA; Metro Pro continues to be affiliated with NWA until 12/11.
Hooligans: Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter 2012/05/05 Kansas City, KS
Defeat the Heroes For Hire and American Bulldogs: Maddog McDowell & Jon West in a 3-way match.
Commission: Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy 2012/12/08 Kansas City, KS
Kobra Kai Dojo: Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett 2013/08/10 Kansas City, KS
Team with Dingo to defeat Gelistico & Abernathy & Gary Jay.
Jake King & Ryan King 2015/04/04Kansas City, KS
Kobra Kai Dojo [2] 2015/12/05 Kansas City, KS
Defeat the King Bros., the Commission: Evan Gelistico & Pierre Abernathy, and the American Bulldogs: Jon West & Maddog McDowell in 3-way match.
Commission [2] 2016/12/03 Kansas City, KS
Final card of the promotion.