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Last updated on 2011/05/23

National Wrestling Alliance
World Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Roy Dunn 41/01
Recognized as champion when National Wrestling Association champion Ray Steele does not sign to face him.
Ed Virag 42/04/28Wichita, KS
John Grandovich42/08/12Topeka, KS
Ed Virag [2] 42/10/26Wichita, KS
Defeats NWA War Duration champion Fred Devine on 45/04/18 in Topeka, KS; Roy Dunn defeats Virag on 46/04/29 in Wichita, KS, but no specific titles are mentioned by the Wichita Eagle.
Orville Brown 46/11/16 Wichita, KS
Reigning MWA Title holder, defeats Virag in a unification match; has also been recognized as NWA champion in Iowa since 44.

* See NWA World Heavyweight Title (Iowa).

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