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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2017/09/13

Kansas Heavyweight Title

National Wrestling Alliance ( 2001/07 - 2012/10 )
Metro Pro Wrestling ( 2012/10 - 2016/06 )

Elmer Lindstrom 1911/08/25<  
Billed as champion in Larned, KS.
Alan Eustace 1913/11/13<  
Billed as champion in Clay Center, KS.
A.A. Britt 1914/02<
Said to have held the title "for years".
Alan Eustace [2] 1914/02/13 Scott City, KS
Chris Sorensen 1914/09/25 Greenleaf, KS
Julius Rief 1917/07/04<
Billed as champion in Nebraska as late as 19/04/16.
Alan Eustace [3] 1932/08<  
Orville Brown 1932/09/02 Goodland, KS
Alan Eustace [3] 1932/12/03<  
Lee Wykoff 1937/01/26<

Shocker 2001/07/28 Joplin, MO
Defeats Bloodlust to be recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance.
Bloodlust 2001/10/13 Lenexa, KS
Vacant on 02/06/25 when APWA no longer is affiliated with NWA Midwest.
Micheal Barry 2002/11/16 Coffeyville, KS
Wins a gauntlet match; stripped on 03/11/22 for missing two consecutive title defenses.
Griz 2003/11/22 Topeka, KS
Wins a gauntlet match, last eliminating Mark Sterling; vacant in 04.
Mark Sterling 2005/04/23 Lawrence, KS
Defeats Michael Strider in a tournament final.
Dingo 2007/03/17 Lawrence, KS
Vacates on 08/03/04.
Brett Young 2008/03/29 Lawrence, KS
Defeats Mark Sterling; still champion as of 10/06/11.
Tony Morales 2010/11 Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 11/03 for missing title defenses.
Tyler Cook 2011/03/05 Kansas City, KS
Defeats Michael Barry; held up after a match against Bradley Charles ends as a double pinfall on 11/09/16 in Kansas City, KS.
Bradley Charles 2012/02/04 Kansas City, KS
Defeats Cook in the third match of "Best of 3" series; Metro Pro Wrestling leaves NWA in 12/09 but continues to recognized the Kansas Title.
Mike Sydal 2012/12/08 Kansas City, KS
Tyler Cook [2] 2013/04/13 Kansas City, KS
Mike Sydal [2] 2015/01/31 Kansas City, KS
Nate Redwing 2015/10/10 Kansas City, KS
Steve Fender 2016/04/09 Kansas City, KS
MPW Central States champion Ace Steel defeats Fender on 16/06/04 in Kansas City, KS in unification match.

* Unified with MPW Central States Heavyweight Title.