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Last updated on 2014/05/19

International Wrestling Association
World Tag Team Title

Mongols: Geto & Bolo 1975/02<
Held up after a match against Dino Bravo & Gino Brito in 75/04.
Mongols [2] 1975/04/21 Winston-Salem, NC
Defeat Soul Patrol: Thunderbolt Patterson & Ernie Ladd; held up after a match against Victor Rivera & Dino Bravo on 75/09/23 in Kings Mountain, NC ends with a double pinfall; again billed as champions on 75/09/28; still champions as of 75/10/13.
Johnny Powers & Nelson Royal 1975/12/16<
No longer listed as champions as of 76/02.
Kurt von Hess & Karl von Stroheim 1976/03/19<
Sometime after 76/01/21; possibly a phantom switch; or defeat Pez Whatley & Bruiser Banks for the vacant title.
Bulldog Brower & Mighty Igor 1976/08/11? Hickory, NC?
Hartford Love & Dizzy McShane 1976/09/10<
Sometime after 76/08/29.
Bulldog Brower & Johnny Powers 1976/09/19
Rip Tyler & Buzz Tyler 1977/01/22? Gastonia, NC?
Johnny Powers & Nick DeCarlo 1977/04/23< Winston-Salem, NC
Sometime after 77/03/07; still champions as of 77/05/27.

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