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Underground Championship Wrestling ( 2007/06 - 2007/12 )
NWA Underground ( 2007/12 - 2011/11 )
Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Underground ( 2011/11 - 2012/09 )
Ultimate Championship Wrestling ( 2012/09 - 2013/01 )
Tag Team Title

Hybrid Chaos: Ryan Rage & Ryan Epic2007/06/08Elkhart, IN
Defeat Ringside Revue in tournament final to become first champions; vacant on 07/10/05 after a double pinfall during a 4-corners match against Big Daddy Dean & Travis Southern, Scotty Young & Russ Jones, and Classic Brothers.
Hayden Kent & Christopher Kent2007/12/15S. Bend, IN
Defeat Hybrid Chaos: Russ Jones & Ryan Rage and Zane Ramsey & Buff Kaluah in a 3-way match; vacant in 08 (sometime between 08/02/22 and 08/04/25).
Kosher Klub: Hebrew Hammer & Sean Tylerstein2008/04/26Bourbon, IN
Team with Jaime Eternal to defeat Zane Ramsey, Buff Kalua, & Ryan Epic in a ladder match for "all the gold."
Ryan Epic & Brian Skyline2008/09/06Union, MI
Bebe Boys: Scotty Young & Ryan Rage2009/01/31Goshen, IN
Defeeat Epic & Skyline, Showtime & Zane Ramzey, and Kenny Kage & Seth Magavin in a 4-way match.
Team Shalwin: Jimmy Shalwin & Jack Verville2009/05/23Bourbon, IN
Kosher Klub [2]2009/05/23Bourbon, IN
Jack Verville & Keith Creme2010/01/23Niles, MI
Vacant in 10/01.
Kenny Kage & Shooter Magavin2010/02/13Lake Ville, IN
Defeat Chris Xion & Steven Drochner in tournament final to win NWA Underground SBT2 Title; vacant in 10.
Zodiac Thrillers: Kenny Kage & Steven Drochner 2011/06/25 Elkhart, IN
Defeat Caden Ames & Chris Tyson.
Lance Stories & Ames 2012/05/05Bourbon, IN
Title retired in 13.

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