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South Central Wrestling ( 1999/06 - 2001/01 )
Supreme Championship Wrestling ( 2001/01 - 2005 )
AWA Supreme [American Wrestling Association] ( 2005 - 2007 )
AWA Supreme [American Wrestling All-stars] ( 2007 - 2015/04 )
NWA Supreme ( 2015/04 - 2016 )
Tag Team Title

The Omega's1999/06/04Rising Sun, IN
Defeat the LA Bad Boyz in tournament final.
The Beautiful People: Draven & Rey1999/07/02Osgood, IN
Captain Confederate & Outlaw Rebel1999/08/29Vevay, IN
The Bravehearts1999/09/05Scottsburg, IN
The Highrollers2000/03/24Madison, IN
The Bravehearts [2]2000/11/18Madison, IN
The Dysfunctional Family2001/04/08Madison, IN
Win in a handicap match.
The Easy Street Punks2003/06/27Hanover, IN
Roger Blade & Eric Draven2004/02/21Vernon, IN
Billy Maverick & Jamie Morrison2004/03/06Vernon, IN
Billy Maverick & J.T. Money2004/04/17Madison, IN
Defeat Eric Draven & Roger Blade when Money subs for Morrison.
The Dysfunctional Family [2]2004/05/15Vernon, IN
Defeat Maverick in a handicap match.
The Fallen: Damien Divine & Karma2004/08/07Madison, IN
The Blackhearts2004/09/11Madison, IN
Whiplash: Eric Draven & Spazz2004/10/09Madison, IN
The Blackhearts [2]2004/10/16Madison, IN
Whiplash [2]2004/11/13Madison, IN
The Fat & The Furious: Vito Andretti & Jack Black2005/01/08Madison, IN
Nick Noble & Live Wire2005/02/12Madison, IN
The Blackhearts [3]2005/02/26Madison, IN
Live Wire & Spazz2005/03/26Madison, IN
The Fat & The Furious [2]2005/04/30Madison, IN
Defeat Live Wire & Eric Draven afer Live Wire turns on Spazz.
The Fallen [2]2005/06/18Madison, IN
Defeat The Fat & The Furious and Christian Skyfire & Mike Trusty in 3-way match.
Sweet & Sour: William Valentine & Bobby Cootz2005/07/09Madison, IN
The Fallen [3]2005/07/16Madison, IN
Nic Noble & Luscious Loco2005/08/08Madison, IN
New Blackbirds: Apollo & Kliff Hanger2005/08/27Madison, IN
The Fallen [4]2005/09/17Madison, IN
The Fat & The Furious [3]2005/12/03Madison, IN
The Marksmen: Elmore Fudd & Marcus2006/01/21Madison, IN
Team USA2006/02/25Madison, IN
Vacant in 06 when Live Wire temporarily retires.
Knights of the Squared Circle: Nic Noble & Rob Royale2006/04/15Madison, IN
Win tournament.
HNIC2006/06/17Madison, IN
The Fat & The Furious [4]2006/08/19Madison, IN
Bad Medicine2006/09/16Madison, IN
The Fat & The Furious [5]2006/10/21Madison, IN
Above The Law2006/11/18Madison, IN
A team of Eric Draven & Johnny Strattlin & Billy Maverick & Damien Divine; Draven defeats Vito Andretti in a "Captain's Match".
Brandon Hunter & Spazz2006/12/09Madison, IN
Above The Law [2]2006/12/16Madison, IN
Won by Eric Draven & Billy Maverick.
Ricky Ruckus & Chris Morrus2006/12/23Madison, IN
Defeat Johnny Strattlin & Damien Divine.
Above The Law [3]2006/12/30Madison, IN
Won by Eric Draven & Johnny Strattlin.
Prime Time Playaz: Ricky Ruckus & C.J. Popp2007/03/03Madison, IN
Defeat Draven & Strattlin.
Above The Law [4]2007/03/10Madison, IN
Won by Eric Draven & Johnny Strattlin.
The Blackhearts [4]2007/03/31Madison, IN
Defeat Draven & Strattlin.
Above The Law [5]2007/04/28Madison, IN
Big & Tasty: William Valentine & Mike Trusty2007/05/05Madison, IN
Ricky Morton & Ricky Ruckus2007/06/30Madison, IN
Chaos Theory: Chris Blayze & Karma2007/10/24Layfette, IN
Custom Made: Eric Draven & Nic Noble2007/11/17Madison, IN
Team with Damien Divine to defeat Blayze & Karma & Rickey Ruckus; Divine wins the Mid-America Title from Rucks.
Primetime Outlaws2007/12/29Madison, IN
Custom Made [2]2008/01/05Madison, IN
Vacant in 08/02 when Draven is injured.
Big & Tasty [2]2008/03/01Madison, IN
Win tournament.
Nic Noble & Karma2008/08/16Madison, IN
Big & Tasty [3]2008/08/23Madison, IN
Custom Made [3]2008/10/18Madison, IN
Big & Tasty [4]2008/11/08Madison, IN
Defeat Custom Made and HNIC in 3-way match.
Vacant as of 11/12/16.
The Family2012/04/07Madison, IN
Defeat Nic Noble & Billy Mattern and The Skynard Nation in 3-way match.
Nic Noble & Billy Mattern2012/04/14Madison, IN
Southern Discomfort: Roger Blade & Nate Steel2014/03/01Madison, IN
Defeat Mitch Ellis & Dino Stephonapolis.
Justice by the Book: Dino Justice & Johnny Justice2014/03/14Madison, IN
Morty's Millionaires: The Blue Beetle & Yukon Mike2014/03/14Madison, IN
The Connection: Bobo Brazil Jr. & Thomas Mitchell 2014/06/20Madison, IN
The Blackhearts [5]2015/01/11<
Eric Draven & Spazz 2015/04/18 Madison, IN
Red Dragoon & Moondog Bane 2015/05/23 Madison, IN
Johnny Justice & Dino Stephonapolis 2015/06/13 Madison, IN
B.A.D.: Yukon Mike & Chris Morrus 2015/08/25<  
Above The Law [6] 2015/10/02 Madison, IN
Pretty Wild: Van Martigan & Chuck McRoberts 2016/01/17<  
Custom Made: Eric Draven & Roger Malcolm 2016/02/06 Madison, IN
Van Martigan & Nick Hammonds 2016/02/27 Hanover, IN

* Replaced with NWA Mid-America Tag Team Title.