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South Central Wrestling
Cruiserweight Title

Fuego Rey1999/05/03Shoals, IN
Defeats Mr. Hammersmashface in tournament final to become the first champion; vacant in 99.
Brad Lamen1999/06/15Vernon, IN
Wins tournament.
Eric Draven1999/06/22Vernon, IN
Vacant in 00.
Rick Ravage2000/03/01Indianapolis, IN
Wins tournament.
Badger2000/03/24Madison, IN
Vacant in 00.
Worm2000/06/16N. Vernon, IN
Wins tournament.
Spazz2000/08/26Madison, IN
Ric Cox2000/11/18Madison, IN
Area 512001/01/28Peru, IN
Lurch2001/04/08Madison, IN
Area 51 [2]2001/06/02Madison, IN

* See also AWA Supreme Junior Heavyweight Title.