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Central Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title ( 2004/02/08 - 2006/11/28 )
NWA Indiana Heritage Tag Team Title ( 2006/11/28 - 2010? )

Simply Marvelous2004/02/08Lafayette, IN
Defeat Billy Roc & Shawn Cook to become the first Central Wrestling Federation Tag Team champions.
Rob Ramer & Indiana Kidd Jr.2004/11/25Lafayette, IN
Kenny Courageous & Quicksilver2005/06/05Lafayette, IN
Guy Lombardo & Brian Roberts2005/11/24Lafayette, IN
Matt Valor & Rob Ramer2006/06/06Lafayette, IN
Renamed Indiana Heritage Title after CWF joins NWA on 06/11/28.
Scotty Murray & Chase Richards2007/01/13Lafayette, IN
New Breed: Devon Fury & Kenny Courageous2007/08/12Lafayette, IN
Marc Houston & Guy Lombardo 2009/01/11 Lafayette, IN
New Breed [2] 2009/03/08 Lafayette, IN
Hayden Kent & Christopher Kent 2009/07/22<
Sometime after 09/05/16.
Justin Andrews & Lash Gibson 2009/08/09 Lafayette, IN
Still champions as of 09/10/11.

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