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Last updated on 2014/08/25

American Wrestling Alliance
United States Heavyweight Title

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Wilbur Snyder 1959/05/02 Detroit, MI
Defeats Angelo Poffo for the Detroit version; continues to be recognized in Indiana after losing to Dick the Brusier on 59/05/23 in Detroit, MI.
Mitsu Arakawa 1959/08/01 Cincinnati, OH
Still champion as of 60/03/15; no longer champion as of 60/05/01.
Dick the Bruiser 1960/05/26<
Sometime after 60/03/31.
Wilbur Snyder [2] 1960/06/01<
Dick the Bruiser [2] 1961<
Bob Ellis 1961/08/04 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [3] 1961/08/25 Indianapolis, IN
Ray Stevens1963<Indianapolis, IN
Wins a tournament.
Dick the Bruiser [4] 1963<Indianapolis, IN
Bob Ellis [2] 1963/05/29 Indianapolis, IN
Dick the Bruiser [5] 1963/06/11 Indianapolis, IN
Vacant in 64.
Johnny Valentine 1964/05/12<
Promotion closes in 64/09.

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