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Windy City Wrestling ( 1988 - 1997 )
Windy City Pro Wrestling ( 1997 - 2010 )
Tag Team Title

Terminators: Riggs & Wolf1988/05/22Dixon, IL
Defeat Windy City Dream Team: Lance Allen & Eddie Strong to become the first champions; vacant in 88.
Original Midnight Express: Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose1988/07/09Rockford, IL
Win a battle royal.
Terminators [2]1988/10/01Grayslake, IL
Vacant in 89.
Golden Boyz: Jim Halliday & Mike Somers1989/10/01Chicago, IL
Untouchables: Buster & Ice1989/10/29Chicago, IL
Dream Warriors: Screamer & Brood1991/07/20Chicago, IL
Texas Hangmen: Killer & Psycho1992/07/12Stone Park, IL
Manson Brothers 1993/01<
Texas Hangmen [2] 1993/05<
Twin Turbo1993/09/05Chicago, IL
Hawkeye Smith & Hurricane Smith1993/11/03Greenville, IL
Wrecking Crew: Frank Melson & Bo Zane1994/05/07Hammond, IN
Mike Samson & Kevin Quinn1995/12/10Oak Lawn, IL
Wrecking Crew [2]1995/12/17Harvard, IL
Vacate on 95/05/13.
Overkill: Kevin Quinn & Christopher Daniels1995/05/20Hammond, IN
Defeat Texas Hangmen in tournament final.
Texas Hangmen [3]2005/08/24Canton, OH
Steele Brothers1995/12/15Chicago, IL
Fallen Angels: Christopher Daniels & Mike Anthony1996/03/16Chicago, IL
Midwest Wrecking Crew1996/12/07Chicago, IL
Bad Influence1997/04/26Crete, IL
Outfit: Mike Anthony & Voc Capri1998/05/30Crete, IL
Furies1999/05/22Cicero, IL
Badd Boys: Brett Sanders & Road Warrior Hawk2000/05/20Hammond, IN
Furies [2]2000/07/28Chicago, IL
Warlocks2000/11/18Chicago, IL
Los Mexicanos2001/02/03Chicago, IL
Warlocks [2]2001/05/26Hammond, IN
Brotherhood: Ripper Manson & Ivan Manson2001/10/27Chicago, IL
$tud Clubb: Frankie Valient & Vic Ferrari2002/02/24Merrionette Park, IL
Outfit: Mike Anthony & Vito Fontaine 2002/12/07 Chicago, IL
Trinity 2003/04/11
Evolution: Terry Allen & Steve Boz 2003/07/19
Trinity [2] 2003/11/01
Outfit: Vito Fontaine & Brett Douglas 2003/11/15
Trinity [3] 2004/01/31
Criss Cross 2004/05/15 Cicero, IL
Nightbreed: Abaddon & Baltazar
Danny Boys: Sean Mulligan & Colin Mulligan 2006/05/09<
Dunn Brothers: Dameon Dunn & Devilin Dunn 2006/05/20 Chicago, IL
Also win UAPW Title on 06/09/03 in Hobart, IN when Dameon wins an 8-man singles elimination match and chooses Devilin as partner.
Isaias Velesquez & Mike Anthony 2006/09/16 Cicero, IL
Win both titles.
Nightbreed [2] 2006/09/16 Cicero, IL
Win only WCPW Title.
Danny Boys [2]
Wicked Alliance: Wicked & DTA 2007/03/10 Chicago, IL
Defeat Sean Mulligan & Vito Fontane; vacant in 07 (sometime after 07/05/17).
Vanity & Greed
Rooks: Barry Petrowski & Curtis Irby
Bangg Gang: Butch Banggs & Mak Banggs2008/03/08Chicago, IL
Team with Bart Banggs to defeat the Rooks & V-Factor in a 6-man tag team match.
Rooks [2]2008/05/17Cicero, IL
Bangg Gang [2]2009/03/14Chicago, IL
Fight Klub: Mike Anthony & Chris Collins2009/05/09Calumet City, IL
Psycho2009/07/10Bridgeview, IL
Wins "Pot of Gold" battle royal for all of the promotion's titles, except the lighweight title.
Fight Klub [2]2009/08/15Chicago, IL
All the titles held by Psycho are returned to the previous champions.
Bailey Mannix & Christopher Daniels 2010/09<
Mike Anthony & Sam DeCero2010/10/02Bridgeview, IL
Promotion closes on 10/12/16.