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Windy City Wrestling ( 1991 - 1997 )
Windy City Pro Wrestling ( 1997 - 2002? )
Middleweight Title
[240lbs limit]

K.C. Knight 91/04/13Hebron, IL
Defeats Mike Samson to become the first champion.
Mike Samson 92/02/29Barrington, IL
R. Valentino 92/05/22Chicago, IL
Kevin Quinn 94/04/23Joliet, IL
Ripper Manson 95/05/20Hammond, IN
Brett Sanders 96/08/17Springfield, IL
Christopher Daniels 97/05/01Ponce, PR
Brandon Bishop 97/05/17Cicero, IL
Staff Sgt. Storm 98/05/16 Cicero, IL
Mike Londos 99/05/22 Cicero, IL
Stone Manson 99/05/22 Cicero, IL
Valyk 00/05/27 Crete, IL
Jeffro King 00/11/18 Chicago, IL
Warlock Baltazaar 01/04/23 Chicago, IL
Mike Anthony 01/09/15 Chicago, IL
Ivan Manson 02/05/18 Cicero, IL
Abaddon 03/03/08 Chicago, IL
Cameron Cage    
Lord Cassius XL 05/03/12 Chicago, IL
Mike Anthony [2] 05/05/17 Hammond, IN
Curse 06  
Sometime after 06/08/26; vacant in 06.
Gavin Dunn 07/05/12<  
Vacates on 08/04/08 before wrestling a "career vs career" match against Curse.
Chris Collins 09/03/14 Chicago, IL
Defeats Sean Mulligan in a Lee Sanders Memorial Cup tournament final.
Psycho 09/07/10 Bridgeview, IL
Wins "Pot of Gold" battle royal for all of the promotion's titles, except the lighweight title.
Barry Ryte 09/08/15 Chicago, IL
Awarded; all the titles held by Psycho are returned to the previous champions, but Collins is stripped due to injury.
DTA 09/11/28 Chicago, IL
Declared vacant on 10/06/05 in Chicago, IL after a match against V-Factor ends as a draw.
Buddy Roberts Jr. 10/09/18 Chicago, IL
Defeats Thunderfoot; promotion closes on 10/12/16.

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