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Windy City Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 1988 - 1997 )
Windy City Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title ( 1997 - 2008 )
Windy City Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Title ( 2008 - 2010 )
[over 240lbs]

Steve Regal88/04/13Chicago, IL
First champion.
Frank Melson89/12/23Harvard, IL
Hurricane Smith90/04/28Dixon, IL
Frank Melson [2]90/12/22Harvard, IL
Ron Powers91/05/18Chicago, IL
K.C. Knight92/07/12Stone Park, IL
Mike Samson94/05/07Hammond, IN
Mike Anthony96/12/14Hammond, IN
The Polish Crippler99/07/10Chicago, IL
Killer Khalsa Singh99/10/06Schaumburg, IL
Stripped in 99/11.
Polish Crippler [2]99/12/11
Wins tournament.
Willie Richardson00/05/20Hammond, IN
Steve Boz01/05/26Hammond, IN
Willie Richardson [2]01/08/16Fairbury, IL
Steve Boz [2]01/12/01Chicago, IL
Ripper Manson02/05/18Cicero, IL
Retires as champion on 05/05/14.
Vito Fontaine05
Baltazar06/06/24Midlothian, IL
Vacant in 07/06 when Baltazar leaves the promotion.
Austin Roberts07/10/26Chicago, IL
Defeats Sean Mulligan in a tournament final; defeats Mulligan and Acid Jaz to unity Bare Knuckles and League titles into WCPW Unified World Heavyweight Title on 08/05/17.
Sean Mulligan09/05/09Calumet City, IL
Psycho09/07/10Bridgeview, IL
Wins "Pot of Gold" battle royal for all of the promotion's titles, except the lighweight title.
Sean Mulligan [2]09/08/15Chicago, IL
All the titles held by Psycho are returned to the previous champions.
Mike Anthony [2]09/08/15Chicago, IL
Sean Mulligan [3]09/10/24Chicago, IL
Bailey Mannix10/02/20Chicago, IL
Vacant on 10/09/18 when all the champions in the organization are stripped of their titles.
Sean Mulligan [4] 10/09/18 Chicago, IL
Defeats Justin Reno; promotion closes on 10/12/16.
DTA 11/10/01 Burbank, IL
Cashes in "Money In The Bank" after Mulligan defends the title earlier on the same card.

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