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Windy City Pro Wrestling
6-man Tag Team Title

Brotherhood97/05/22Chicago, IL
First champions.
Furies: Jim Castro, Mitch Blake, & Jethro King98/01/31Chicago, IL
Brotherhood [2]98/05/18Cicero, IL
Devastation: Steve Boz, Terry Allen, & Brandon Bishop98/09/23Chicago, IL
Brotherhood [3]98/10/30Chicago, IL
Devastation: Steve Boz, Terry Allen, & Jayson Reign98/11/28Chicago, IL
Brotherhood: Terry Allen, Ripper Manson, & Stone Manson00/01/29Chicago, IL
Station House00/07/27Mt. Sterling, IL
Brotherhood: Terry Allen, Ripper Manson, & Ivan Manson00/07/28Chicago, IL
Naughty by Nature01/05/26Hammond, IN
Los Mexicanos01/09/22Danville, IL
Polish Crippler, Gino Latino, & Li'l J. Dogg02/05/18Cicero, IL
Brotherhood [6]02/09/28Chicago, IL
Natural Born Killas 02/12/07 Chicago, IL
Special Forces03/05/17Cicero, IL
Defeat Axis of Evil.
Odd Balls 06/05<
Team Dammit: Trauma, Rudo Cortez, & Z.O.M. 06/05/20 Chicago, IL
Still champions as of 06/09/16.
Vacant as of 07/05.
Jay Cutter, Hammy, & D.O.C.09/05/09Calumet City, IL
Psycho09/07/10Bridgeview, IL
Wins "Pot of Gold" battle royal for all of the promotion's titles, except the lighweight title.
Jay Cutter, Hammy, & D.O.C. [2]09/08/15Chicago, IL
All the titles held by Psycho are returned to the previous champions.

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