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Urban American Pro Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Willie Richardson00/06/17Chicago, IL
First champion.
Germel Quinn02/03/16Chicago, IL
Acid Jaz02/07/28Chicago, IL
Wins a battle royal after Quinn vacates the title.
Reigning Inner City champion, defeats Aciz Jaz to unify UAPW Heavyweight Title; still champion as of 03/05/17.
Damien Dunn
Vito Fontaine04/05/15
Holds title until 04/07/02.
Damien Dunn [2] 06/03/02<
Lord Cassius XL06/03/11Chicago, IL
UAPW Heavyweight and Inner City titles are deunified in 06/08; Cassius is given the option to selecct the title to hold and chose the Heavyweight Title.
D.T.A.06/09/16Cicero, IL
Trauma07/01/05Orland Park, IL
Teams with Dameon Dunn to defeat D.T.A & V-Factor.
Willie Richardson [2]07/03/10Chicago, IL
Still champion as of 07/05/12.

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