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(as of 2017/11/12)

Sara Del Rey2007/06/02Berwyn, IL
Defeats Lacey in tournament final to become the first champion.
MsChif2008/04/26Berwyn, IL
Madison Eagles2010/04/11Berwyn, IL
Cheerleader Melissa2011/10/02Berwyn, IL
Saraya Knight2012/03/18Berwyn, IL
Cheerleader Melissa [2] 2013/04/06 Secaucus, NJ
Nicole Matthews 2014/10/18 Berwyn, IL
Defeats Melissa, Athena, and Madison Eagles in 4-way elimination match.
Madison Eagles [2] 2015/10/10 Berwyn, IL
Mercedes Martinez 2016/06/26 Berwyn, IL
Kellie Skater 2016/11/12 Chicago, IL
Mercedes Martinez [2] 2016/11/13 Berwyn, IL
Nicole Savoy 2017/11/12 Berwyn, IL