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Revolution Championship Wrestling ( 2002/06 - 2004/07 )
NWA Revolution ( 2004/07 - 2005 )
Heavyweight Title

Double M2002/06/30LaSalle, IL
Defeats Acid in tournament final to become the first champion.
Acid2002/09/21LaSalle, IL
Double M [2]2002/10/19LaSalle, IL
Vacant on 03/01/04 due to injury.
C.M. Punk2003/03/01LaSalle, IL
Wins tournament; vacant in 03.
Acid [2]2003/08/02LaSalle, IL
Defeats Cru Jones in tournament final
C.M. Punk *2003/08/31Ottawa, IL
Acid *2003/10/04LaSalle, IL
Cru Jones2004/01/03LaSalle, IL
Vito Thomaselli2004/04/03Princeton, IL
Cru Jones [2]2004/07/07<
Vacant on 04/08/07.
Eric Priest2004/08/07Ladd, IL
Defeats Ryan Boz and Acid in 3-way match.
Ryan Boz2004
Eric Priest [2]2004/10/02LaSalle, IL
Stripped on 05/04/02 for no-show.
Double M [3]2005/04/02LaSalle, IL
Wins battle royal.