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NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title

Mike Samson2001/03/17Hillside, IL
Defeats Turbo after the two become the finalists in a 20-man battle royal; stripped on 02/09/05.
Danny Dominion2002/09/28Grayslake, IL
Defeats Donovan Morgan; vacant on 04/01/17 when he no-shows the title defense.
Adam Evans2004/01/17Green Bay, WI
Defeats Eric Priest and Chris Jordan.
Silas Young2004/02/22Wheaton, IL
Ken Anderson2004/07/16Milwaukee, WI
Defeats Young and Colt Cabana in 3-way match.
Chris Candido2004/11/12Milwaukee, WI
Vacant after Candido passes away on 05/04/28.
Johnny Candido2005/09/17Streamwood, IL
Defeats Danny Daniels; vacant in 07/01.
Jay Ryan2007/05/05Streamwood, IL
Defeats Marek Brave.
Silas Young [2] 2008/08/15 Milwaukee, WI
Unified ICW Midwest Title, defeating Dr. X on 09/02/13 in Milwaukee, WI.
The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo) 2009/10/23Ashton, IL
Silas Young [3] 2009/12/04 Green Bay, WI
The Sheik [2] 2009/12/05 Pulaski, WI
Sadist 2011/01/14 W. Allis, WI
Steve Corino 2011/08/20 W. Allis, WI
Some of the NWA Midwest affiliates leave NWA and form ZERO1 USA on 11/11/01; though Corino is briefly recognized as ZERO1 USA Midwest champion, the title is later "declared vacant when BCW and NWA split" according to Corino's website.

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