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Last updated on 2013/10/10

International Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

[ Japanese ]

Moose Cholak 63/06/17 Albuquerque, NM
Defeats Fred Blassie; some reports say Cholak defeats Rikidozan on 62/09/01 in Tokyo, JPN although Cholak does not wrestle in Japan for the first time until 67; already billed as champion in Rockford, IL as of 63/05/07.
Johnny Valentine 63/07/12 Chicago, IL
Stripped on 63/08/10 for refusing to give Cholak a return match within the prescribed 30-day period.
George Valentine (Buddy Fuller) 63/10/04 Chicago, IL
Wins a tournament.
Jackie Fargo 63/11/15 Chicago, IL
World Champion in Boston, MA since 61/05, also billed as a world title claimant in Chicago since 63/03; defeats George Valentine to end the dispute; in 64/04, Houston NWA promoter Morris Sigel claims Fargo ran out of town when offered a match against NWA World champion Lou Thesz; title retired in 64 when the Chicago territory starts affiliation with Indianapolis WWA.

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