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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2012/08/24

Illinois Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/05/15)

National Wrestling Alliance ( 2002/10 - 2011/11 )
ZERO1 USA ( 2011/11 - )

[ Japanese ]

Jerry Woodhall 1932/09/02<
Ruffy Silverstein 1939/01/24<
Jim McMillan 1940
Ruffy Silverstein [2] 1940/02/06<
Bill Bartush 1943/03/23<
Walter Palmer 1951/08/20<
Billed as Illinois Wrestling Promoters’ Association champion.

Spike Huber 1985/08<

Colt Cabana2002/10/26Greyslake, IL
Defeats Reckless Youth to be recognized by the NWA.
Macro Cordova2005/03/26Streamwood, IL
Defeats Cabana for the title during a tournament.
Dysfunction 2005/06<
Sometimes after 05/05/07.
Marco Cordova [2] 2005/06/17 Milwaukee, WI
Stripped in 07.
Marco Cordova [3] 2010/05
Reinstated as champion; becomes a ZERO1 title on 11/11/01 when some of the NWA Midwest affiliates leave NWA.
Bear St. Pierre 2012/05/26Streator, IL
NWA Central-States crowns Shane Somers as NWA Illinois champion on 13/04/27; ZERO1 continues to recognized St. Pierre.
Harker Dirge 2013/06/08 Rantoul, IL
Drew Thomas 2014/05/08 Champaign, IL

* See also NWA Illinois Heavyweight Title (NWA Central-States).

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