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All American Wrestling
Tag Team Title

(as of 2016/11/26)

Machine & Stu Early2005/10/01Berwyn, IL
Defeat Simply Marvelous to become the first champions.
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) & Marek Brave2006/03/25Berwyn, IL
Defeat Machine & Early, Truth Martini & Amazing N8 Mattson, and Eddie Venom & Zach Gowen in a 4-way match; vacated on 06/05/13.
Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence2006/06/10Berwyn, IL
Defeat Eric Priest & Chandler McClure and Jimmy Jacobs & Zach Gowen in a tournament 3-way final.
Michigan Invasion: Truth Martini & N8 Mattson2006/11/04Berwyn, IL
Zach Gowen & Krotch2007/04/14Berwyn, IL
D.P. Associates Berwyn Branch: Trik Davis & Conrad Kennedy III2007/06/16Berwyn, IL
Defeat Gowen & Krotch, Ryan Boz & Dan Lawrence, and Truth Martini & Amazing N8 Mattson in a 4-way match.
Murder City Machine Guns: Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin2007/09/08Berwyn, IL
North Star Express: Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz2008/01/19Berwyn, IL
Defeat Murder City Machine Guns and Tweek Phoenix & Dash Phoenix in a 3-way match.
Adrenaline Overdose: Bryce Benjamin & Shane Hollister2008/06/21Berwyn, IL
North Star Express [2]2008/09/06Berwyn, IL
Defeat Shane Hollister in a handicap match.
Tweek Phoenix & Dash Phoenix2008/11/28Berwyn, IL
House of Truth: Josh Raymond & Christian Able2009/06/12Berwyn, IL
Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black2010/02/19Davenport, IA
House of Truth [2]2010/09/24Berwyn, IL
Zero Gravity: Brett Gakiya & C.J. Esparza2010/10/22Berwyn, IL
Defeat Able & Truth Martini, subbing for Raymond.
Awesome Threesome: Jordan McEntyre & Knight Wagner2011/06/17Berwyn, IL
Irish Airborne: Dave Crist & Jake Crist 2011/09/30 Berwyn, IL
Arik Cannon & Jimmy Jacobs 2012/01/27 Berwyn, IL
Irish Airborne [2] 2012/11/24 Merrionette Park, IL
Kung Fu Manchu: Louis Lyndon & Marion Fontaine 2013/07/27 Merrionette Park, IL
Ethan Page & Michael Elgin 2013/12/28 Berwyn, IL
Defeat Kung Fu Manchu and Zero Gravity: Brett Gakiya & C.J. Esparza in 3-way elimination match; vacant on 14/09/12 when Elgin is unable to defend due to visa problem.
Wet Bandits: Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane 2014/10/17 Berwyn, IL
Defeat Athena & Heidi Lovelace in tournament final.
Irish Airborne/OI4K [3] 2015/02/28 Berwyn, IL
Hooligans: Devin Cutter & Mason Cutter 2015/09/18 Merrionette Park, IL
Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett 2016/04/09 Chicago, IL
Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee 2016/11/26 Chicago, IL
Stripped on 16/03/09 for being unable to defend the title.
OI4K [4] 2017/03/17 Berwyn, IL
Defeat Scarlet & Graves: Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz in 4-team tournament final.