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All American Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

(as of 2016/01/15)

Robert Anthony2005/07/09Berwyn, IL
Defeats Tony Scarpone to become the first champion.
Keith Walker2005/11/26Berwyn, IL
Stripped on 06/03/25.
Tyler Black (Seth Rollins)2006/03/25Berwyn, IL
Defeats Eric Priest, Danny Daniels, and Silas Young in a 4-way elimination match.
Marek Brave2006/11/25Berwyn, IL
Jerry Lynn2007/05/19Berwyn, IL
Tyler Black [2]2008/07/12Berwyn, IL
Jay Bradley2009/03/28Berwyn, IL
Jimmy Jacobs2009/09/05Berwyn, IL
Silas Young2009/11/28Berwyn, IL
Dan Lawrence2011/03/12Berwyn, IL
Silas Young [2]2011/07/23Berwyn, IL
Michael Elgin 2012/09/21 Berwyn, IL
Shane Hollister 2013/06/28 Berwyn, IL
Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) 2013/11/30 Berwyn, IL
Shane Hollister [2] 2013/12/28 Berwyn, IL
Eddie Kingston 2014/09/12 Berwyn, IL
Josh Alexander 2015/05/01 Merrionette Park, IL
Defeats Kingston and Samoa Joe in 3-way match.
Ethan Page 2015/06/20 Berwyn, IL
Eddie Kingston [2] 2015/11/28 Chicago, IL