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Promoters: Tex Hager (late 1940s - 1960s)
Idaho: Cliff Thiede (Idaho Falls: 1950s)
Milt Olsen & Del Holland (Pocatello: 1950s)
Utah: Kenny Mayne (Ogden: 1950s)
Washington: Glen Detton (Chehalis: 1950s)
Ivan Mickailoff (Kennewick: 1950s)
Luke Dailey (Pasco: 1950s)
Jack Kennedy & Dale Haddock (Walla Walla: 1950s)
Montana: Tony Bernardi (Helena: 1954 - 1957)

  • Tex Hager, a National Wrestling Alliance member, moved his home office from Boise to Spokane, WA in 1955 but continued to promote in Boise in an irregular basis.

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