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Last updated on 2015/07/20

National Wrestling Alliance
World Heavyweight Title

Orville Brown 1940/07<  
Holder of the MWA World Title in Kansas City, recognized as a world champion in Des Moines, IA by Pinkie George, who later founds the National Wrestling Alliance in 48; continues to defend MWA title in Iowa until losing to National Wrestling Association champion Bill Longson in a double title match on 42/07/22 in Des Moines, IA; said to have been the "National Wrestling Alliance" World champion for seven years before losing to Sonny Myers in 47/11.
Ed Virag 1943/05/09<  
Has defeated John Grandovich on 42/10/26 in Wichita, KS for the local version of National Wrestling Alliance Title; recognized as the National Wrestling Alliance champion in Iowa by Pinkie George between 43/05 and 43/08; the 43/05/09 issue of a Waterloo newspaper reports that Virag has defeated both Orville Brown and Bill Longson after capturing tournaments at Minneapolis and Philadelphia.
Bill Longson # 1943/08 St. Louis, MO *
Billed as having defeated Virag for the title in St. Louis on the 43/09/01 edition of the Des Moines arena program; recognition withdrawn by Pinkie George when Longson does not defend the title in Des Moines.
Ray Steele 1943/11/03  
Dave Levin 1944/05/10 Des Moines, IA
Has also defeated Orville Brown for MWA title on 44/05/04 in Kansas City; loses MWA title to Lee Wykoff on 44/06/29 in Kansas City, KS (Wyckoff may be billed as NWA champion in Iowa but loses to Brown on 44/08/16 in Kansas City, KS).
Orville Brown [2] 1944/07/06<
Billed as having "recently" defeated Ed Virag for National Wrestling Alliance title in Topeka, KS; also defeats Wyckoff for MWA title on 44/08/16 in Kansas City, KS; actually defeats Virag to unify the NWA Title on 46/11/16 in Wichita, KS.
Sonny Myers 1947/11/03 Des Moines, IA
Orville Brown [3] 1948/01/05 Des Moines, IA
Pinkie George newly founds the National Wrestling Alliance in 48/07 in Waterloo, IA with five other promoters and recognizes Brown as the first NWA World Heavyweight champion.

* See NWA World Heavyweight Title.