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Last updated on 2016/08/13

World Welterweight Title

George Roumas1911/09/18< 
Otto Suter1914/04/02< 
Paul Prehn1916/05/01Mason City, IA
Otto Suter [2]1916/06/02Mason City, IA
Jack Reynolds1917/05< 
Wrestles another title claimant Bobby Bylund to a draw on 17/05/09 in Cedar Rapids IA; also defeats title claimant Louis Nelson on 20/10/27 in Cedar Rapids, IA; loses to Matty Matsuda on 20/06/08 in El Paso, TX but continues to claim the title; defeats Matsuda on 24/07/14 in Indianapolis, IN; George Roumas claims the title as of 17/11 through 19/01.
Adam Krieger1921/04/04Lincoln, NE
Has claimed the title in Nebraska as early as 20/01/09.
Jack Reynolds [2] 1921/05/09Cedar Rapids, IA
Loses to Gus Kallio on 21/10/03 in Cedar Rapids, IA but continues to claim the title; Kallio continues to claim his title until 27/01 when he moves up to the junior middleweight division; Reynolds defeats Charlie Grip on 30/02/21 in Cincinnati, OH to be recognized by the National Boxing Association.

* See NWA World Welterweight Title.