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Last updated on 2018/01/11

Iowa Welterweight Title

Shorty Gamble 1906/03/07<
Still champion as of 11/05/21.
Bull McCleary 1911/10/11<
Recognized in Muscatine, IA; vacates later in the same year when McCleary moves up to the middlewight division.
Mike Duffy 1911/12<
Carl Brown 1911/12/27 Waterloo, IA
Still champion as of 12/04/27; Shorty Gamble is still/again billed as champion in Rock Island, IL as of 12/03/22.
Paul Prehm 1912/08/28 Cedar Rapids, IA
Or defends the title on this day.
Harry McDonald 1912/09/25<
Lonnie Paige 1912/12<
Billy Hurley 1913/01/01 Davenport, IA
Paul Prehm [2] 1913/03/18<  
Floyd Webster 1931/12/19<  
Still champion as of 31/01/27.

Tony Barsanti 1932/04/05<  
Still claims the title in Runnells, IA as of 32/05/23.

Sailor LaMaster (Raymond LaMaster) 1932 Des Moines, IA
Wins tournament; Tony Barsanti also claims the title as of 32/04/05.
Francis Stull 1933/03/07 Council Bluffs, IA
Nebraska champion, wins double title match.
Billy Music 1933/11/29<  
Billed as Iowa and Nebraska champion in Council Bluffs, IA.
Dick Bogue 1934/01/11 Council Bluffs, IA
Wins both titles.