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Last updated on 2015/08/20

Iowa Light Heavyweight Title

Claude Wright 1911/09/11<  
Burt Blair 1912/08/28 Cedar Rapids, IA
Defeats Joe Kidderman; or Blair defends the title against Kidderman on this day.
Bruce Nolan 1927/12/23<  
George Saunders is also billed as champion in Oshkosh, WI as of 28/04/09.
Earl Wampler 1929/03/06 Jefferson, IA
Has claimed the title prior to the match; still champion as of 29/05/23.
Harold Croy 1932/06/02 Des Moines, IA
Defeats Griz Gray in tournament final; still champion as of 32/08/06.
Jimmy Baer 1939/02/28<
Still champion as of 39/03/07.
Paul Stangl 1959/05/16 Muscatine, IA
Defeats Red Davis; still champion as of 59/06/13.