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NWA Hawai'i Hardcore Title
courtesy of FLAGS OF THE WORLD Web site

The Kid01/03/17Kaneohe, HI
Defeateds Gemini and Judo Punk in a 3-way match to become the first champion.
Judo Punk01/05/19Kaneohe, HI
Bruiser Rego01/06/16Kaneohe, HI
Defeats Punk and The Kid in a 3-way match.
Justin Sane01/10/06Kaneohe, HI
Kira01/10/06Kaneohe, HI
A female wrestler.
Bruiser Rego [2]01/10/06Kaneohe, HI
The Final Solution01/10/20Kaneohe, HI
Kerry Royal02/02/03Honolulu, HI
Mike Taylor02/03/06Kaneohe, HI
Kerry Royal [2]02/03/06Kaneohe, HI
Mike Taylor [2]02/06/29Kalihi, HI
Johnny Allblack02/09/22Waikiki, HI
Bruiser02/11/17Honolulu, HI
Dark Ninja02/12/13Waikiki, HI
Vacant on 03/02/01 when Ninja is fired.
Lightning Leni03/04/05Kaneohe, HI
Defeats Sick Dog.
Kapu03/12/20Honolulu, HI

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