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Last updated on 2017/02/11

World Junior Middleweight Title
[Hawaii & California]

Steve Nenoff 1934/05 Dallas, TX *
Wins a tournament in Dallas, TX according to the 35/07/03 issue of The Honolulu Advertiser.
Tetsuo Higami 1934/07/03 Honolulu, HI
Wildcat Pete (George Pete) 1935/04/23 Honolulu, HI
Toots Estes 1935/04/30 Honolulu, HI
Tetsuo Higami [2] 1935/07  
Awarded when Estes cannot maintain the weight limit.
Lord Lansdowne (Pat Finnegan) 1935/11/24 Hollywood, CA
Tetsuo Higami [3] 1935/12/05 San Francisco, CA
Still recognized in Northern California as of 36/07/13; also recognized in El Paso, TX as of 37/01/16; again billed as champion in Honolulu, HI in 41/10.