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Action Zone Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/06/10)

AkuA2005/06/25Waianae, HI
Wins a battle royal last eliminating Lopaka to become the first champion.
Johnny Kealoha2006/01/18Waipahu, HI
Pure Luck2006/06/01Waipahu, HI
Defeats Johnny Kealoha, AkuA, and Super Hentai in a 4-way match.
The Rage2006/12/21Waipahu, HI
Kris Kavanaugh2007/05/31Waipahu, HI
The Rage [2]2008/01/07Waipahu, HI
Kaniala 2008/06/28 Waianae, HI
Bobby Bolt 2009/01/17 Kalihi, HI
Kaniala [2] 2009/09/28 Waipahu, HI
Jeff Cobb 2009/12/21 Waipahu, HI
SABAKI 2010/04/03 Aiea, HI
Jeff Cobb [2] 2010/12/20 Waipahu, HI
Kaimana 2012/03/19 Waipahu, HI
Sexy Aleki 2013/01/28 Waipahu, HI
Mark Anarchy 2013/04/15 Waipahu, HI
Sexy Aleki [2] 2013/10/14 Waipahu, HI
Defeats Anarchy, Kris Kavanaugh, and Hard Knox Harrington in 4-way elimination match.

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