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Rampage Pro Wrestling
Tag Team Title

S & S Express: Shawn Shultz & Sigmon2009/04/10Macon, GA
Defeat Evil Inc.: Colt Derringer & Rob Adonis; still champions as of 09/04/26.
Cash Vault: Bobby Moore & Rob Adonis2009/06/26Warner Robins, GA
Defeat S & S Express, Slaughter Pit: Sam Slaughter & Pitbull, and Exotic Ones: Rick Michaels & Simon Sermon in 4-way match.
Usual Suspects: A.J. Steele & Murder-12009/09
Sometime after 09/09/11.
Slaughter Pit: Sam Slaughter & Pitbull2009/12<
Usual Suspects [2]2010/01/15
Exotic Ones: Simon Sermon & Tommy Too Much2010/07/31Warner Robins, GA
Defeat Murder-1 and Mr. Jones & Velvet Jones in 3-way match.
Usual Suspects [3]2010/10/30Warner Robins, GA
Vacant after the Usual Suspects win the World Title on 11/05/01.
Chip Day & Cru Jones2011/05/29Warner Robins, GA
Defeat Frankie Valentine & Kyle Matthews in tournament final; vacant in 11/06 when the team splits.
Hot Like Lava: Cru Jones & Shaun Banks2011/06/05Warner Robins, GA
Defeat Jimmy Rave Approved: Chip Day & Corey Hollis.
Usual Suspects [4]2011/08/21Warner Robins, GA
Cash Vault: Bobby Moore & Rob Adonis2011/11/06Warner Robins, GA
Defeat Usual Suspects and Hot Like Lava: Cru Jones & Shaun Banks in 3-way match.
Chip Day & Corey Hollis2012/10/28Warner Robins, GA
Blackout: Kory Chavis & Murder-12012/12/16Warner Robins, GA
Promotion closes in 13/09.