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Macon Heavyweight Title

Buddy Colt1973/08/14Macon, GA
Wins 16-man tournament.
Bob Armstrong 1973/09/18Macon, GA
Bobby Duncum1974/02/12Macon, GA
Bob Armstrong [2]1974/03/19Macon, GA
Bobby Duncum [2]1974/04/30Macon, GA
Mr. Wrestling II1974/05/14Macon, GA
Vacant in 75<.
Toru Tanaka1975/03/18Macon, GA
Defeats Danny Little Bear in tournament final.
Bob Armstrong [3]1975/06/10Macon, GA
Dick Slater1975/06/19Macon, GA
Stan Stasiak1976/03/30Macon, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [2]1976/04/27Macon, GA
Still holds title as of 77/01/18.
James Dillon1977/03<
Mr. Wrestling II [3]1977/03/29Macon, GA
Ole Anderson1977/05/10Macon, GA
Dick Slater [2]1978/01/10Macon, GA
Vacant in 78/03.
Tommy Rich1978/03/14Macon, GA
Defeats Stan Hansen in a 12-man tournament final.
Abdullah the Butcher1978/04/25Macon, GA
Mr. Wrestling II [4]1978/05/23Macon, GA
Angelo Mosca1978/10/10Macon, GA
Wahoo McDaniel1979/01/30Macon, GA
Vacates in 79/09.
Killer Karl Kox1979/09/25Macon, GA
Defeats Tommy Rich in tournament final.
Tommy Rich1979/10/07Macon, GA

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