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Last updated on 2010/12/03

Southeastern Tag Team Title

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Luke Graham & Al Galanto1963/11/06Columbus, GA
Defeat Lonnie Brown & Bob Morrow in tournament final to become the first champions.
Bob Essenburg & Bob Morrow1963/12/25Columbus, GA
Assassins 1970/01/27<
Alberto Torres & Ramon Torres1970/02/17Macon, GA
Still champions as of 70/04/21.
Assassins [2]1971/05/11Macon, GA
Billed as champion.
Bob Armstrong & El Mongol1971/10/05Macon, GA
Assassins [3]1971/11/17Columbus, GA
Bob Armstrong & Bill Dromo1971/12/14Macon, GA
Assassins [4]1971/12/21Macon, GA
Vacate on 72/01/21 for failure to defend within 30 days.
??? & ??? 1972/02/09 Columbus, GA
Argentina Apollo & Roberto Soto1972/09/16Columbus, GA
Billed as champion on the card; vacant in 72/11 when Apollo leaves for ASWA.
Chati Yakouchi & Mr. Fuji1973/02/14Columbus, GA
Win tournament.
Mr. Wrestling II & Bill Dromo1973/04
Super Infernos1973/04/25Columbus, GA
Bob Armstrong & Roberto Soto 1973/11<
Sometime after 73/10/09.
Super Infernos [2] 1973/11/27Macon, GA
Bob Armstrong & Roberto Soto [2]1973/12/17Macon, GA
Samoans1974/01/15Macon, GA
Tim Woods & Roberto Soto1974/01/22Macon, GA
Ron Garvin & Terry Garvin 1974/02/05Macon, GA
Still champions as of 74/03/29.
Ole Anderson & Gene Anderson1974/06/19<
Bill Dromo & Mike McCord1974/09/17Macon, GA
Rock Hunter & Assassin I1974/09

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