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Last updated on 2012/05/21

NWA Georgia Brass Knuckles Title

Jack O'Brien and Zebra Kid wrestle for the title on 56/08/28 in Commerce, GA (champion unknown).
Kurt Von Brauner1957/11<
Has wrestled Fred Blassie for the title on 57/09/13 in Atlanta, GA (champion unknown).
Gorgeous George 1957/11/18 Augusta, GA
Hans Schmidt and the Mighty Yankee wrestle for the title on 60/09/16 in Atlanta, GA (champion unknown).
Bepo Mongol 1972/01/21 Atlanta, GA
Wins a one-night 15-man tournament; still champion as of 72/05.
Ox Baker 1972/06<
Ray Gunkel 1972/06/30 Atlanta, GA
Vacant when Gunkel dies on 72/08/01.
Rock Hunter 1972/10/13 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Bob Armstrong in one-night 14-man tournament final; vacant in 72/11 when Hunter jumps to ASWA with the title.