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Georgia Championship Wrestling United States Television Title ( 2005/04 - 2005/10 )
Great Championship Wrestling Television Title ( 2005/10 - 2006/06 )
  Columbus Heavyweight Title ( 2006/06 - 2007/10 )
  Interstate Heavyweight Title ( 2007/10 - 2010/12 )

Jason Cross2005/04/16Columbus, GA
Defats David Young in tournament final to become the first GCW Television champion.
Glenn Gilberti2005/05/21Columbus, GA
Defeats Cross, Tony Mamaluke, and Damien Steele in a 4-way match.
Damien Steele2005/06/04Columbus, GA
Unifies United States Junior Heavyweight Title, defeating Elix Skipper on 05/06/18 in Columbus, GA; becomes United States Television Title.
Jason Cross [2]2005/07/23Columbus, GA
Disco Inferno [2]2005/08/06Columbus, GA
Elix Skipper2005/08/27Columbus, GA
A. J. Steele2005/09/17Columbus, GA
Disco Inferno [3]2005/10/08Columbus, GA
Defeats Steele and Chris Stevens in 3-way match.
Mike Foxx2005/12/10Columbus, GA
Vacant on 06/01/28 due to injury.
Chris Stevens2006/02/04Columbus, GA
Defeats John Bogie.
Damien Steele [2]2006/02/25Columbus, GA
Chris Stevens [2]2006/03/04Columbus, GA
Scotty Beach2006/04/08Columbus, GA
Heath Miller2006/06/02Columbus, GA
Renamed Columbus Heavyweight Title when GCW no longer has television show.
Bobby Sanford2006/07/22Columbus, GA
Wins by forfeit.
Chris Stevens [3]2007/01/03Phenix City, AL
Shaun Banks2007/06/30Phenix City, AL
David Young2007/09/08Phenix City, AL
Deathrow2007/10/08Phenix City, AL
A.J. Steele [2]2007/10/19Macon, GA
Cru Jones2008/02/28Phenix City, AL
J-Rod 2008/06/28 Villa Rica, GA
Sonny Siaki 2008/09/11 Phenix City, AL
Vacant in 08.
Shaun Banks 2008/12/18 Columbus, GA
Defeats Kareem Abdul Jamar in a tournament final.
Tex Monroe 2009/05/07<
Salvatore Rinauro 2009/06/11<
Mike Kross 2009/10/22<
Kyle Matthews 2009/12/10 Phenix City, AL
J-Rod [2] 2010/01/21 Phenix City, AL
Frankie Valentine 2010/03/11 Phenix City, AL
J-Rod [3] 2010/04/01 Phenix City, AL
Salvatore Rinauro [2] 2010/04/08 Phenix City, AL
Awarded when the commissioner voids the title match from the previous week.
Mike Kross 2010/04/08 Phenix City, AL
Salvatore Rinauro [3] 2010/05/06 Phenix City, AL
Ric King 2010/06/10 Phenix City, AL
Promotion closes on 10/12/28.

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