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Last updated on 2016/07/08

Southern Light Heavyweight Title

Tony Padrone 1933/12/11<
Hugh Winn 1934/02/01<
Bill Crussell 1934/02/19 Atlanta, GA
Fred Lassiter 1934/02/26 Atlanta, GA
Hugh Winn [2] 1934/03/05 Atlanta, GA
Still champion as of 34/08/30; Pinky Gardner may be recognized as champion in South Carolina around 34/04 as reported on a Schenectady, NY paper.
Honey Boy Hackney1935/09/02Augusta, GA
Defeats Roy Lumpkin.
Jack Ross 1936/05/18<Atlanta, GA
Also billed as Southern Lightweight champion in Augusta.
Ben Jordan1936/06/15Atlanta, GA
Honey Boy Hackney [2]1936/09/07Atlanta, GA
John Mauldin1936/09/11Atlanta, GA
Petro Rossi1936/12/21Atlanta, GA
Ben Jordan [2]1936/12/28Atlanta, GA
Bill Collins1937/02/22Atlanta, GA
Ben Jordan [3]1937/03/01Atlanta, GA
Still champion as of 37/05/21.
Buck Lawson 1937/06/10<
Still champion as of 37/09/17.
Young Londos 1938/10/04<
Eddie Williams1938/11/11Atlanta, GA
Jack McAdams 1938/11/14 Atlanta, GA
Still champion as of 39/05/11.
Honey Boy Hackney 1939/06/05<
Jack McAdams [2]1939/07/10Avondale, GA
Hackney wins one fall before the time runs out in an earlier match; a later match ends as a draw; Hackney continues to claim the title and lose it to The Skull #1 on 39/08/10 in Avondale, GA.
Skull #1 (Frank Remille) 1939/08/24?Atlanta, GA
Faces McAdams for the title and may win the match to end the dispute; recognized as the undisputed champion as of 39/08/28; vacant in 39/09.
Red Dugan1939/09/18Atlanta, GA
Defeats the Skull #1; still champion as of 39/10/05.