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Last updated on 2014/02/28

Southern Lightweight Title

* This title may actually be the Southern Heavyweight Title since
some of the holders, including Jack Ross and Jim Hesslyn, were
also billed as the heavyweight champions during their reigns.

Jack Ross1932/05/02<
Jim Hesslyn1933/02/28Augusta, GA
Pat Newman1933/03/26<
Jim Hesslyn [2]1933/04/04<
Also billed as the Southern Heavyweight champion (or these two may be the same title).
Jack Ross [2]1933/05/02?Augusta, GA?
Held up when Jim Hesslyn defeats Ross by DQ on 33/10/02 in Augusta, GA.
Jack Ross [3]1933/10/09Augusta, GA
Defeats Hesslyn in rematch.
Pat Newman [2]1935/03/11Augusta, GA
Dobie Osborne1935/04/01Augusta, GA
Pat Newman [3]1935/04/22Augusta, GA
Don McIntyre1935/06/10Augusta, GA
Jack Ross [4]1936/01/08<
Also billed as Southern Light Heavyweight champion in Atlanta.
Johnny Marrs1936/06/11?Augusta, GA?
Lon Chaney1936/07/29Augusta, GA
Mike Nazarian1936/09/23Augusta, GA
Jack Ross [5]1936/12/09Augusta, GA
Raoul Lopez1938/02<
Jack Ross [6]1938/02/04Augusta, GA

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