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Last updated on 2014/08/15

Deep South Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Nightmares: Danny Davis & Ken Wayne 1986/03/15 Carrollton, GA
Ted Oates & Jerry Oates 1986/11/10 Columbus, GA
Nightmares [2] 1987/01/10 Columbus, GA
Assassins 1987  
Nightmares [3] 1987/12/07 Athens, GA
Vacant in 88/09; promotion closes in 88/10.

High Impact: Mike Taylor & Tony Santorelli 2006/05/18McDonough, GA
Defeat Gymini: Gymini Jake & Lex Lovett in tournament final when the promotion reopens as a talent developmental league of WWE.
Untouchables: Deuce Shade & Dice Domino 2006/10/05McDonough, GA
Brian Majors & Brett Majors2006/10/12McDonough, GA
Sonny Siaki & Eric Perez2006/11/30McDonough, GA
Gymini: Jesse (Mike Shane) & Jake (Todd Shane) 2006/12/14McDonough, GA
Vacate on 07/01/19 when the team is released from the WWE contract.
Brian Majors & Brett Majors [2]2007/01/19McDonough, GA
Defeat William Regal & Dave Taylor and Sonny Siaki & Afa Jr. in a 3-way match.
Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox [2]2007/03/08McDonough, GA
Vacant on 07/04/18 when WWE ends its developmental agreement with DSW.
Sal Rinaruo & Caleb Konley2007/07/26Locust Grove, GA
Defeat Simon Sermon & Pretty Boy Floyd.

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