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Deep South Wrestling
Heavyweight Title

Tommy Rich 1986/02/12 Marietta, GA
Wins tournament to become the first champion.
Flame 1986/07/04 Albany, GA
Mr. Wrestling II 1986/09/25 Carrollton, GA
Flame [2] 1986/11/09 Athens, GA
Ranger Ross 1987/01/25 Athens, GA
Botswana Beast 1987/03/01 Rome, GA
Tommy Rich [2] 1987/05/27 Marietta, GA
Randy Rose 1987/07/01 Columbia, GA
Assassin #1 1988/06/06 Atlanta, GA
Promotion closes in 88/10.

Mike Mizanin (The Miz)2005/12/01McDonough, GA
Defeats Mike Knox in a 14-man tournament final when the promotion reopens as a talent developmental league of WWE.
Derrick Neikirk2005/12/22McDonough, GA
Roughhouse O'Reilly2006/06/22McDonough,
Bradley Jay2006/09/07McDonough, GA
Vito2007/01/25McDonough, GA
Defeats Jay and Ryan O'Reilly in a round robin match.
Bradley Jay [2]2007/02/22McDonough, GA
Ryan O'Reilly [2]2007/03/01McDonough, GA
Bradley Jay [3]2007/03/08McDonough, GA
Vacant on 07/04/18 when WWE ends its developmental agreement with DSW.
Austin Creed2007/07/12Locust Grove, GA
Defeats Murder One in tournament final.