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Vintage Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2015/09/19)

Sam Shaw2009/05/30Sanford, FL
Defeats Glacier to become the first champion.
Thomas Marr2010/02/20Sanford, FL
Vacant in 10/04 when Marr retires due to severe back injury.
Sam Shaw [2]2010/04/17Sanford, FL
Defeats Aaron Epic.
Jesse Neal2010/09/11Sanford, FL
Aaron Epic2011/01/15Sanford, FL
Defeats Neal, Sam Shaw, and Bruce Santee in 4-way match.
Sam Shaw [3]2011/05/14Sanford, FL
Francisco Ciatso2012/06/09Sanford, FL
Stripped on 12/07/14 by a new investor Ron Niemi.
Milo Beasley2012/07/14Sanford, FL
Defeats Sam Shaw, Eric Cooper, and Aaron Epic in 4-way match.
Francisco Ciatso [2]2012/08/11Sanford, FL
Kory Chavis2013/01/19Sanford, FL
Milo Beasley [2]2014/01/18Sanford, FL
Francisco Ciatso [3]2014/07/12Sanford, FL
Simon Sez 2015/01/25 Orlando, FL
Still champion as of 15/09/19.