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Sunray Pro Wrestling
Cruiserweight Title

Jerrelle Clark03/11/15Melbourne, FL
Defeats Justice in tournament final; vacant on 04/01/10 when Clark wins the World Title.
Naphtali04/03/20Palm Bay, FL
Wins a 4-way match against Chasyn Rance, Flatline and David Babylon.
David Babylon 04/05/08 Palm Bay, FL
Defeats Naphtali and Jerrelle Clark in a match where if the champ is pinned he loses the title; stripped on 04/08/26.
Johnny Vandal 04/10/16 Palm Bay, FL
Defeats Scott Commodity.
Chasyn Rance 05/05/07 Palm Bay, FL
Still champion as of 05/10/01.
Chasyn Rance [2] 06/11/04Melbourne, FL
Defeats Naphtali and Jerrelle Clark in 3-way match; promotion closes in 06/04.

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